Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Rose Petals

Chapter 1

Kayden couldn’t help it.
She felt betrayed even though she knew had no right to feel this way. It was an unfair double standard that she lived by since the 6th grade when she realized she had these feelings.
But like so many times before, she smiled through gritted teeth, and tried not to dwell on seeing her best friend fall for a guy who Kayden knew was already knew was a dirty pig. That his only intention was to get into her bestfriends pants.
“Are you seriously talking to Trevor, Josie?”, Kayden groaned, as she slammed her bottom locker door shut and heaved her bag over her shoulder. “Also, since we're on the topic of pointless wastes of time, tell me how understanding the mitochondria of a cell will help me in my future?”
Josie smacked Kayden in the arm. “Kay listen, you don’t get him like I do. This time is different. Trust me on this!”, Josie said  
See, this is how it always starts. Josie talks to a boy. Gets caught up on him. Then boy proceeds to break her heart, which leaves Kayden to pick up the pieces. She sees it like clockwork, but also trying to talk Josie out of her new heartthrob is as easy as taming a wild fire with gasoline.
Kayden rubbed her shoulder.
“Okay, first. OW.”  
Josie smirked, and raised her brow. If looks could kill, that would be the one. Kayden quickly shook the thought, her cheeks flushed pink.
“Look all I’m saying is that just because you and Todd -”, Kayden started.
“Trevor.” Josie corrected her, with another smack on the arm.
“Okay OW. Excuse me, Trevorrr.” she continued, drawing out his name purposely. “Made out on the couch at ONE party doesn’t mean it's true love!”. Kayden exclaimed exasperated.
“Look, don’t be mad at me because I don’t have a heart made of stone like you, Kay. You’re like the ‘Grinch who stole Christmas’, just less green but just as hairy.” Josie teased.
Kayden swung through air but Josie stepped out of the way of her fist that just missed her shoulder.
“Hah! You gotta be quicker than that if you want to give me a dead arm. I give you an B minus on effort though.” Said Josie, spinning out of the way. Light on her feet from hours spent in the dance studio her mom owned.
Kayden wished she was half as graceful as Josie was, needless to say, she’s as clumsy as a newborn deer.
Josie fell back into step beside Kayden and playfully threw her arm over her shoulder. Kayden caught her breath for a moment
“You gotta lighten up Kay, don’t be such a prude.” Josie winked, and pinched her cheek.
“Piss off, Josie, sorry that this school is filled with pansy boy conformists who are spoiled rotten by their parents and don’t know work ethic if it hit them with a car.” Kayden exclaimed
Josie laughed, and the final bell rang. Together they weaved in and out of the crowds that exited their classrooms and walked down the stairs to their usual spot at the end of the fence.
“Do you need a ride?” asked Josie, “I’m sure my mom won’t mind dropping you off.”, motioning to her parents’ black Range Rover that pulled up across the street.
“Nah, I’m okay, I don’t mind walking, besides it’s a nice day out and I’m in no rush to get home.” Kayden replied, nonchalant. Failing to mention that her dad came home the night before after a 10 day gambling extravaganza, so she was in no hurry to engage in the awkward small talk that followed.
Josie gave a slight shrug and said,
“Alright, suit yourself! I’ll see you tonight then?”, she asked.
“You bet, you think I’d miss you murder the other team on stage?”, Kayden replied, while mimicking a crude moonwalk away from Josie.
“Oh god, I think you made Michael Jackson himself turnover in his grave after that dance move.”, said Josie covering her eyes. “I think I was just blinded, can you help me to the car?”, as she held out her arms and pretended to search for something to hold onto. Josie’s mom honked the horn.
“Yeah well, do you see this?”, Kayden acted like she was about to take something out of her pocket, but really brought her hand out just to flip off her best friend. She turned and started walking down the sidewalk. Yet, all she heard was Josie yell something about having fun studying the wall of a plant cell.

Kayden smiled.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Finding Inspiration

It is tricky and unique for everyone. Unexplainable yet completely relatable. All I know is, my inspiration is mine, while your inspiration is yours.
So I wonder, if I tap my foot enough, will my inspiration hush me?
If I strum my guitar enough, will my inspiration hear me?
Now, tell me this. When will I know when it hits?
Will my fingers move fast enough to type the words that enter my head.
Will it only give me a glimpse of an idea, or a cascade of endless thoughts.  
How will my Inspiration show itself?
Maybe in a rhyme, I’ll just have to give it time.
Possibly in self - reflection or dreamy speculation.
I’ll chase my inspiration if I think I can catch it.
I’ll hike the tallest mountains or drive the road less traveled.
I’ll turn the radio up high and gaze out the window at the fading landscapes
I’ll listen to the laughs of those I love and the stories of strangers I’ve just met.
Does my inspiration sleep?
Will it come to me in a dream, or will it rise with me as I wake?
Maybe after my morning cup of coffee, or my drive to work, or after soaking in a warm bath.
How will my Inspiration make me feel?
Maybe it’ll give itself away when I’m at my lowest point. As I pour the last shot that puts me over the edge, through my blurred vision and slurred conversation,
Or maybe when I think I can conquer the world. It will be my ally of confidence or partner in crime.
Now, maybe this will make me see that my Inspiration is all around me if I let it be.
It is my best friend, my own worst enemy, and everything that surrounds me.
All I hope is that one day I meet my Inspiration, in more than one way. As do I hope you do too, because my inspiration is mine, and your inspiration is your’s.