Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Finding Inspiration

It is tricky and unique for everyone. Unexplainable yet completely relatable. All I know is, my inspiration is mine, while your inspiration is yours.
So I wonder, if I tap my foot enough, will my inspiration hush me?
If I strum my guitar enough, will my inspiration hear me?
Now, tell me this. When will I know when it hits?
Will my fingers move fast enough to type the words that enter my head.
Will it only give me a glimpse of an idea, or a cascade of endless thoughts.  
How will my Inspiration show itself?
Maybe in a rhyme, I’ll just have to give it time.
Possibly in self - reflection or dreamy speculation.
I’ll chase my inspiration if I think I can catch it.
I’ll hike the tallest mountains or drive the road less traveled.
I’ll turn the radio up high and gaze out the window at the fading landscapes
I’ll listen to the laughs of those I love and the stories of strangers I’ve just met.
Does my inspiration sleep?
Will it come to me in a dream, or will it rise with me as I wake?
Maybe after my morning cup of coffee, or my drive to work, or after soaking in a warm bath.
How will my Inspiration make me feel?
Maybe it’ll give itself away when I’m at my lowest point. As I pour the last shot that puts me over the edge, through my blurred vision and slurred conversation,
Or maybe when I think I can conquer the world. It will be my ally of confidence or partner in crime.
Now, maybe this will make me see that my Inspiration is all around me if I let it be.
It is my best friend, my own worst enemy, and everything that surrounds me.
All I hope is that one day I meet my Inspiration, in more than one way. As do I hope you do too, because my inspiration is mine, and your inspiration is your’s.

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