Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A Fine Rosa

A Fine Rosa

The guilty pleasure of our kiss, his lips stained like a deep caburnay, the bittersweet taste we'll share in the morning, but shh...darlin'...

We lose grasp of Love's embrace and instead fall into Lust's inevitable chase.

Half love half regret, just for one night make me forget. 

All at once, beneath sheets, I ache for his touch and as he's lying there with me, I'm already killing the memory. 

We'll play pretend for the night, act like lovers, because that's what lover's do. 

Yet, in the end we'll talk sweet nothing's like a sip of chardonnay, because that's the only thing left to say,

So, when night two reveals itself, don't worry about me.

I'll be sipping on a fine rosa, and next time...

I won't ask you to stay.


  1. Powerful last line. Dan can suck an egg if he doesn't like this :)

  2. Sometimes the greatest forms of art stem from rebellion. I'm glad Dan inspired you!